What’s an iPhone for?

Once upon a time, the purpose of a mobile phone was just to make phone calls and send texts. Then they got smarter and now you can probably use them for anything, accept for the important things like getting breakfast in bed, which is a shame, but who knows one day this might become reality. […]

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Voting as a Blind Person

Hey all,   Today is a very important day if you are a resident in the united kingdom and are entitled to vote in elections. Read this to find out more about the whys and hows of general elections. But, in a sentence, the general election is where people vote for the person that they […]

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Who I Could’ve Been

Hey all 😊   It’s been a while. Hope you have been keeping well. Since my last post, I celebrated my 30th year on this earth. I marked the day by nearly breaking my beloved iPhone and eating too much cake.   This week I want to tell you a bit about my past, something […]

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Defining Limitations

Now before I get into this week’s post, it’s probably worth noting that I don’t expect everyone to be disability aware or to know what I’m capable of doing. However, I do expect to be treated with dignity and not for people to define my limitations without establishing the rest of my circumstances. Basically, for […]

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My Top Five Funny Moments

Hey there 🙂   Hope you have had a good couple of weeks.   This week I am back to share the top five funny moments in the world of Khafsa that have stuck in people’s memories for far too long (including mine!). These are the kind of stories that my friends remind me of […]

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